A project to connect Taiwanese youth activists and mobilize their own events to protect the rights of young people.

Student movements have been a part of Taiwan’s history since 1910 when a group of Taiwanese students studying in Japan started a publication in which they wrote about anti-feudalism and rebellion against Japanese colonialist rule in Taiwan. Their actions are now viewed as the foundation of the Taiwanese student movement. Jump ahead to 2014, when the Sunflower Student Movement saw more and more youth activists begin to raise awareness surrounding student rights and muster up the courage to stand up for justice. CULTIVATE creates a platform to help them with this activism. It focuses on four categories of issues: Education, Freedom of Speech, Political Unrest and Human Rights. Users could browse and participate in any events, or they can create their own. After creating an event, CULTIVATE offers toolkits which help participants to rally and march, ranging from water bottles, t-shirts, pins, stickers, transit passes, tote bags and placards. Knowing how to navigate student movements through CULTIVATE can help a young activist to gain confidence, and be able to focus on the issues they are most passionate about.


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Two of the most important Taiwanese student movements were named as flowers, the SunFlower Student Movement in 2014 and the Wild Lily Student Movement in 1990.

CULTIVATE is inspired by the idea of flower names and expanded it to the “Four Gentlemen,” which is also known as the “Four Noble Ones” in Chinese art. It is a term referring to four kinds of flowers: the plum blossom, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum. Combining the Four Gentlemen with the main issues that Taiwanese youth activists pay the most attention to, which are: free speech, education reform, political unrest and human rights.


CULTIVATE是由花名所啟發的,也聯想到中國美術中的『花中四君子』。 這個詞所代表的四種花分別是:梅、蘭、竹、菊,在CULTIVATE這平台上,再把四大台灣學生運動中最常見的四種議題:教育、政治議題、言論自由和人權做結合。

Cultivate provides a toolkit that includes water bottles, t-shirts, pins, stickers, transit passes, tote bags and placards that are helpful to march.

After making a decision to participate in an event, it can be overwhelming for people to navigate a protest, especially for young activists who may be new to this. Aside from providing resources on the website, CULTIVATE includes a toolkit that includes all the essentials that would need during the protest. The goal is to bring as little as possible to an event, and a tote bag helps carry everything an activist would need so they can be mobile.