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Ecogenie+ visualizes every drop of energy in real-time and takes care of all your energy equipments, such as smart meters, solar panels, and batteries.

Ecogenie+ features an effortless and economic HEMS (Home Energy Management System) services designed with high-end technology that puts control of all compatible smart devices at your fingertips. It connects to smart meters and control home appliances via an IoT wireless connection. With gateway, you can monitor and control all of your home electricity usage (lights, TVs, AC, etc.) from a single easy-to-use app. It helps create a better future where anyone can easily share green energy with anyone else.


MeiChih Chen
2021 – present
UI Components
UX behaviors
Design Systems


I participated in redesigning two main pages and some UI improvements. Here’s some of the main features that I worked with:


In the previous design of service page, it only shows short description of services and all of the services are default subscribed. 


Redesign service page for users to subscribe services they are interested in and create service detail page to display service description, images, required data and privacy and terms.


For now, all the services on service page are created by NextDrive, which is really time consuming and takes a lot of development rescources. After this redesign of service page, we then create a website called “IoE for Developer” and invites service providers to launch their services onto Life+ page for users to enjoy.


We received user feedback saying that the previous device cards have different height and the information are inconsistent. 


I collaborated with another UI designer to redesign device cards (the bottom ones) and gateway cards (the upper ones). I also design weather animations on gateway cards to motivate users to fill in their location.


After this redesign of device page, it is important to think about a design system for cards, so we can easily reuse the layout or copy similar pattern for future usage and expand our device list without the need of creating a new device card. It really save design team’s efforts and the time for development.